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Welcome to Lost Horizon Intl. Handicraft Industry Pvt. Ltd Kathmandu and Chitwan, Nepal

Lost Horizon Intl. Handicraft Industry Pvt. Ltd. was established on 2nd July 2002 registering to the Government Authorities of Nepal with a view to felt products manufacturing and export Nepalese traditional and rich Handicraft to the countries of Canada, Australia, United States, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Oceania. Lost Horizon has been exporting beautiful handicraft of superb craftsmanship from its very establishment. As well as it has been promoting the Handicraft and Handloom products produced by the cottage and small-scale industries of the remote Terai region and Himalayan parts of the country.

Lost Horizon int’l manufacturing and exports handmade products mainly Felted and woolen throughout the countries of the world. These products win many hearts of our customers around the globe.

Organic felt dryer balls

Wool dryer balls are the alternatives to your regular dryer sheets. It is an eco friendly way to dry your laundry instead of using dryer sheets or plastic balls used as dryers. Our Wool dryer balls are 100% Natural and reusable. Wool dryer balls is not only budgeting friendly but also helps in reducing the drying time by almost 25%. People who are allergenic to regular dryer sheets & plastic dryer balls can use wool dryer balls. Plastic dryer balls emit harmful smoke when heated which is neither good for the health nor the environment. The best alternative is using Wool dryer balls. Our wool dryer balls are felted and comes in different colors. No chemical dyes are used during the manufacturing process and there is no way the wool ball tears apart, after being felted. Our wool balls lasts for more than 2 years.

Wool dryer balls are also very good for cloth diapers.
We are the leading manufacturer & exporter of Felt wool dryer balls from rural Terai region and Himalayan part of the Nepal. If you are willing to import Wool Dryer Balls, then you can count on us. We have the capacity and the 13 years experience to produce quality Wool Dryer Balls as per the demand.
We are not only manufacture wool dryer balls but also other felt items that can just be your another product line see as below on our major products.

Our Wool Dryer Balls are made from 100% New Zealand Wool. All our wool dryer balls are pure handmade and are sorted before we export. We maintain a stringent quality check during the order preparation.

Wool Dryer Balls Manufacturer/Exporter

Our wool dryer balls are favorite to customers in many countries. Try our Eco-friendly and organic wool dryer balls today. Made in Nepal from 100% New Zealand wool. We export our dryer balls to almost countries around the world. We can meet your requirements including sizes,custom packaging and private labeling.


Our Company Mission:

Our company very much concentrates on promotion of the Nepalese handmade products to encourage and develop the skills and lifestyle of the people from the remote Terai region & Himalayan parts of the country. We employ as more workers as possible from the economic level and village women while offering benefits such as health-care, education, foods, clothes to their children and many more. We trust on fair trade leading to social benefits and we do focus on profit selfless and of course 100% free from child-labor. We select the workers under the strict supervision of the company. Conclusion, The company mission is to make a bright future of the woman groups, their children, socially, nationally and internationally.


Our Major Products:

Lost Horizon int’l manufacturing and exports handmade products mainly New Zealand sheep wool Felt natural dryer balls and many different felted products like felt carpet/rugs, loose 1/2 to 3 cm balls in various colors, felt shoes, felt slipper, felt bags, felt purse, felt hats, felt dreadlock, felt ornaments, felt earring, felt necklace, felt brooch pin, felt bangles, felt hair chips, felt ribbons, felt garlands, felt light decoration, felt table decoration, felt vase, felt dust bin, needle felting, felt art, felt sculpture, Nuno felting, felt purse, felt shawl, felt scarf,  felt key ring, felt sheet, felt mat, wool roving, die cut shapes, felt embellishment, hair bands,  puppet, felt cat cave, pencil holders, tea coasters, Christmas gift, felt door decorated etc.and woolen items like Jackets, sweaters, Ponchos, Scarves, hats, caps, gloves, mittens, shoes, socks hand & leg warmer etc.



Besides our own products, we collect the products from various art wholesalers and manufacturers like Cotton garment, Hoseiry, silk products, Natural Hemp product, Natural incense, ritual hand made products such as singing bowls, statue, thanka, prayer flags, stupa,paintings, curios, silver crafts maithili arts antique products, Pashmina shawls and apparels, Nepali pure lokta papers, metal, wooden and bone crafts. We assurence that our each and every product and collection are quality guaranteed.

You will find the following in our services:

  • 1. Genuine products
  • 2. Items of competitive price
  • 3. Wide variety of original items
  • 4. Guaranteed on quality & designs
  • 5. Advanced service
  • Area of Industries and number of employees:
  • 16492.2 Sq. ft. or 3 Ropani in Thankot-2, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • 36450.0 Sq. ft. or 10 katha in Meghauli-1, Chitwan, Nepal
  • Maximum 4-5 weeks production lead time for bulk order. Delivery time 5-7 working days by Air and 45-55 days by land sea
  • More than 500 employees(women) in Kathmandu & Chitwan Industries, we are targeted to given the job plus one thousand women including disable.


Would you allow us to advise you to import and see our products in any country that you may find the benefits of working with experienced, genuine, manufacturer and exporter from the rural Tetai region and Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal?